Spicebox is owned and operated by Marynika Lozowska. She has 9 years marketing and digital experience leveraging both creative and analytical skills to deliver exciting marketing and advertising campaigns.

She recently worked at one of the top Digital & Branding Agencies in Canada in the role of Digital Director. Since then, she has recently relocated to San Diego and continues to provide digital marketing services to her clients.


Spicebox was born out of what we love what we do. We are passionate about the digital landscape and are excited about finding small and big business digital solutions for our clients.

We don’t shy away from a challenge and just want to produce good work. We are new to San Diego and are expanding our team. Our work is done locally and through an extensive and close network of professionals who we work with when needed.

Want to see some work samples from our past experience? Check out some of it here

Our Values

What we’re made of:

Business Objective

To create work we enjoy & to help clients succeed.

Work Ethic

Do work we can be proud of. Build good business karma.


Nothing is easy. Work hard. 


“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” – Jim Rohn


“Marynika is a rare find in the world of business. She is bright, passionate, personable, dedicated and hard working. During the time that Marynika has worked for Pulp, she has completely changed the business for the better and I will always be grateful what she has done for my company.”

Kelly Mellings (Co-Founder & Art Director of Pulp Studios Inc.)


“Marynika is a pleasure to work with. She is prompt, respectful, direct, and honoring in all she does. If I had it my way I would have Marynika on my team for the duration of my career. Loyal, dedicated, passionate, resourceful, organized and steadfast, she will be a boon to any organization she endeavours to work with. If you have the opportunity to collaborate with her or bring her onto your team, take it, you will be thankful you did.”

Corey Lansdell (Co-Founder & Creative Director of Pulp Studios Inc.)

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